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My name is Tamara Cookingham. 

I help people navigate life and death more smoothly through yoga, Reiki, and holistic support practices.

My earliest memory of this vocation goes back to age 4, comforting others at my mother's funeral. At age 17, I faced my own mortality when diagnosed with cancer. After that was eradicated, I went on to experience the sudden death of a boyfriend. At 24, I became a New York State Trooper, responding to scenes of homicide, suicide, accidental, and natural death, and dealing with the aftermath. Along the path of that career I discovered yoga as an antidote to chronic stress and chaos, then felt called to share its potent benefits with others by becoming a yoga teacher. Death showed up in that work, too. From my first public class on I've worked with people navigating cancer and other serious conditions, start through finish, some as patient, some as caregiver, some surviving, some not. 

Having comfortable familiarity with death and dying enables me to be comfortable in its presence, which in turn helps others feel more comfortable with it. Observing needs and benefits of that inspired me to seek end-of life doula training...something I have been doing for 50+ years, just not by name. 

I hold certifications as an Usui Reiki Master, Prajna Yoga Teacher, and INELDA trained end-of-life doula.  Adaptable service is my specialty, customizing to suit the situation and person as they are, moment by moment.

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Currently, I am focusing on end-of-life planning and support services (www.goodlifetotheveryend.com), along with in-home yoga and Reiki session availability. Summer and Fall 2019, I will be holding public workshops at Rainbow Body Yoga in Red Hook, and staff offerings at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck. I am also an active volunteer with Hudson Valley Hospice, providing energy therapy and end-of-life doula services in Dutchess and Ulster counties. 



Live Well, Die Well


Choose a yogic approach to live well every moment of your life. Cultivating that kind of wellness yields stronger benefit than fearfully fighting aging and death, a losing proposition. Yogic wisdom optimizes life with ease to the end.  

Nourish Your Self


Everything we take in directly affects our physicality and emotions. It is never too late to source well being in body, mind, and spirit.

Connection and Hope


All of nature thrives on a shared ecosystem of life, death, and rebirth. Yoga is the bridge of hope that connects all three. 

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Live Well, Die Well

Yoga and/or Reiki in your home

60 minutes: $75.00

Doula pricing varies 

Travel fee may apply if location is more than 20 miles from Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York

To schedule or inquire further, please contact me at 518-495-3239 or  Tamara@dyingwithtlc.com 

Tamara Cookingham



By Appointment Only